Coraline_TrailerSit back and enjoy an amazing trip towards a crazy world half smooth and romantic, half creepy and spooky. It wears the stamp of its scriptwriters Neil Gaiman, well known for his fantastic printed stories, and Henry Selick, director of the movie, responsible too for directing Nightmare before Christmas.

Coraline is a curious little girl who has just arrived to a new place with his parents who are too busy to listen to her. In this new house there is a mysterious small door which will take her to a new world where she’ll find her “other” parents, her “other” neighbors and her “other friends”. The new world looks cool and inviting, but soon Coraline will find herself trapped, dragged into an unimaginable adventure to get her life back.los-mundos-de-coraline
The story is so full of surrealist and quirky elements that you must make an effort to understand Selick’s and Gaiman’s rules of the world they’ve created; but once you´re into it ,everything makes sense, or at least most of it… there’re some loose ends that could be discussed, but they don’t get in the way of the story’s progress.

It is a blast of colors and emotions, and the multiple stories of all the characters in one world and the other, drive you away for instants, from the story line.

Amongst the fantasy and the surrealism of the plot, universal themes such as love, loneliness, aging, personal improvement or frustration are treated through extrapolations and weird examples, giving the story, as well as the characters, full dimensions.

Coraline-633-largeThe scenery is incredibly built and composed, every detail in every prop and every character is carefully depicted.
Behind this magic world of outlandish characters and scenarios, there were 2 years of preproduction and 18 shooting months. Most of the film’s creation is handmade, more than 130 sets were built, and 28 Coraline puppets where created, taking in account that for the construction of every puppet there where 10 individuals working for about 4 months. A whole lot of work to carry out the first stop-motion movie shot entirely in 3D.

It will surprise you, make you laugh, maybe scare you or make you look away but impossible to make you yawn. It is a really original and crazy movie worth seeing.

Check out the web site  ( if you wan’t to have some fun, and check out the trivia (, just as the movie it is full of secrets and hidden references.

Rebeca Arnal


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