Filth and wisdom

filth_and_wisdomYes, super popstar Madonna, always keen on cinema has now directed a feature film, “Filth and Wisdom” which she has also written along with the writer Dan Cadan. This time though, she is only behind the cameras.

I have to say it gladly surprised me, it is an original script with interesting characters, and the cast interpretations are really good, specially Eugene Hutz, who plays the main character, A.K.

A.K is an Ukrainian guy, who has a punk band but makes a living fulfilling bored man’s fetiches, while he dreams with his music. He lives with his flat mates,Holly (Holly Weston) with whom he is in love; a ballet dancer forced to work at a night club as a striper to pay the rent and Juliette (Vicky McClure), an english woman dreaming of traveling to africa to help the children, who works at a chemist ran by an indian man who has a crush on her. Their stories get mixed up with the rest of the characters, such as
the blind professor and writer (Richard E Grant), pitied of himself who has a special influence over A.K and his lyrics.

The film is shot in London, a city which Madonna adores, where anything can be possible. Love, regret, redemption, dreams and reality are expressed throughout witty dialogues and the relationships the characters build between each other. I feel Madonna has put something of herself into each of the characters, from his dancing passion, to her concern for needed children or sexual fetichism. However the film contains no sex scenes.

The cultural diversity of the characters is very well integrated, reflecting their way of living in a very natural way, running away from topics, where their nationality is of no significance to the plot, concentrating on their human feelings and personal matters.

As it couldn’t be other way, the music is well chosen, actually A.K band is played by the real band of Gogol Bordello, who has made some of the themes for the soundtrack, full of energy, a punk base with folkloric sounds.

The esthetic and photography are well looked after, creating an intimate and vital atmosphere at the time, very suggestive and artistic.

She has fallen for a happy ending, keeping the viewer satisfied, with hope over the dramatism that some of the subplots hide. Overall you end up with a motivating and positive sensation.

Rebeca Arnal


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