Public Enemies

public-enemies-posterPublic Enemies, the latest release of director Michael Mann, is a bit deceiving. Not that it’s a bad movie, it’s entertaining and properly crafted, but it doesn’t get to convey the feelings and emotions of its characters.
I don’t think it can compete in the league of the memorable gangster movies.

The film reviews the story of popular american gangster John Dillinger and his associate’s during the early 30’s in Chicago, and the effort of the FBI to fight against crime, capturing them whatever it takes.
The cast, including renown actors such as Jonny Depp or Christian Bale, offer good performances, but not their best. public_enemies_01

The film has all of the ingredients to become a blockbuster, and maybe it will; crime, love story, action, some interesting characters and some intrigue, but it fails to make them work in synergy.

Tension is well build up, and the cat chasing mouse plot, keeps you watching; plus I found very interesting dialogues, witty and original.
However I think it lacks credibility on some of its scenes, and a deeper look into the main characters, which I felt were quite flat, making the story flat too, which remains at a superficial level.
The montage is very dynamic, with artistic close up’s and constant camera movements, which keep the movie away from becoming tedious or boring.
In summary it is just another gangsters movie, with a bright cast. Worth seeing? Why not.


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