UP! The adventure is out there

pixar_upPixar’s 10th film Up, directed by Pete Docter (Monsters, Inc.) and co-directed by Bob Peterson is finally out there. Presented in Disney Digital 3d in selected Theaters, Up is the story of Carl Fredricksen, a 78 year old balloon salesman that ties thousands of balloons to his house to attempt the biggest adventure ever, after the decease of his beloved wife Ellie, with whom he shared his love for adventure and the dream to go to Paradise Falls since they were kids. The unknown presence of Russell , (a very enthusiastic and overly optimistic 8 year old) in the house, will surprise him and oblige Carl to join him in this amazing adventure.UP

Docter and Peterson have crafted a brilliant screenplay in which humor, emotions and adventure are granted. Lasseter, executive producer along with Andrew Stanton, states one of the best executed formulas in Pixar’s unique and effective storytelling:

“Along with humor you have to have heart. Walt Disney always said “For every laugh, there should be a tear”. I believe in that”.

And you will find heart in the story. The eccentric tandem formed by Carl and Russell will encounter the adventure in the company of other eccentric characters, like Charles Muntz, a faded hero with an obsession to restore his good name, an amazing funny bird named Kevin or a talkative dog named Dug who owns a high-tech collar that translates his thoughts into words. (At this point I should say that the chatty dog army thing toke me out of guard and it didn’t seem right at all, but then, one minute later I was inside the film again, forgetting about it, so I guess that’s the only negative thing I could say about the film.)

Through their adventure, Carl and Russell develop a strong friendship and an understanding about the important things in life, as they realize, more than ever, that it’s not the destination, but the journey that enrich and gives purpose to our life. And that’s an adventure we all should be willing to live.

up-movie-charactersThis great story is enhanced by the work of composer Michael Giachinno (Ratatouille, The Incredibles), by using his musical talent to create evocative score that accentuates the emotions, humor and the spirit of adventure in the story.

So, I guess that what I’m trying to say is : you can’t miss it. Pixar reasserts their unique role in the industry as the best at their job, creating and animating funny and lovable characters and stories for all of us to enjoy, no matter how old we are. Remember, the adventure is out there, just waiting for you to enjoy!

By Laia Vilaseca.


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