A thousand splendid suns

A thousand splendid suns, Khaled Hossini’s last novel, published in 2007, is even harder than his first book “The kite runner”,which soon became a big hit and has was taken to the big screen.

Again Hosseini, takes us right into the core of the afghan reality, revealing its culture, history and people; this time, through two women’s eyes, which will meet, to share a piece of they live journey, a bitter nightmare which they will learn to overcome sweetly.

From the soviet invasion to the war declaration after the 9-11 attack, Laia and Mariam will survive the obstacles, the barbarities, the horror of war and the imposition of the taliban regime, which have marked the the last 3 decades of the afghan history.

Like matruskas, the book hides one story inside another, where all the characters are in some way related to the main female characters which draw the main plot. It is a story of suffering but above all it is a story of personal growth. Amongst its pages you’ll find the cruelty of many and the goodness of a few, who open a door for hope.

Hosseini’s words, and their strong emotional imprint, can bring you to tears, but his agile prose, changing form one character’s voice to another, and the intrepid succession of events, drive the reader to the constant turning of the page.

The ability of Hosseini to create a great empathy with his characters, despite their race, culture and situation, is not only a virtue, but actually the key to the essence of his stories, which in the end ain’t a historic memory, or an odyssey, or the simple recreation of a place or culture, but the consideration and the intimate analysis of the most universal and human feelings.

In his use of the language, again he includes words in Farsi or Pashto, which help to stay attached to the geographical context. The passage of time is very well treated, feeling that the story flows smoothly despite the time gabs, and it is also worth mentioning the impacting contrasts he achieves, writing highly positive and lively lines followed by terrible surprises and unexpected turns.

A thousand splendid suns is a historically and culturally didactic novel, as well as it is very intense and moving reading, appropriate to remember what are the important things in live and the sense when should give it. Lets forget our resentments because live can turn around unpredictably in a twinkling of an eye.
After the last page, the limits of human cruelty and the strength and resistance of the human race acquire new dimensions.

Rebeca Arnal


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